Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small encrypted file that gets downloaded onto your computer, laptop or mobile the first time you visit a site. A cookie can hold a small amount of data regarding a specific user, search or preference. Cookies help visitors of websites keep the settings which the might have set or saved on a particular website, or regarding products in a shopping cart. A cookie is used to remember whether a visitor has used the website before, and therefore keep track on what has been visited or used.

Why do you have to accept cookies?

Cookies have been used since the dawn of the Internet. In fact, shopping online, using forums or social media is pretty much impossible without them. The reason you now have to accept cookies is due to the EU Cookie Law that specifies that users have to accept using cookies from websites they visit and that websites have to declare that they are using cookies (if any). This may be a bit tedious, but it is just a click and once you accept the cookies you won’t have to do so again (provided you do not delete them before your next visit).

What cookies do we use in

We use cookies to track visits which helps us have statistics and know which parts of our website users prefer and how our website is performing. We also integrate social media elements into our website which would create third party cookies. These cookies are from trusted websites but are obviously out of our control We do not use cookies to collect any personal information about our users or to set preferences. We do not use cookies either to collect data to serve adverts or products.

Why should you allow cookies?

Cookies have been around for a very long time, most people aren’t even aware that they are being used and they are central to the correct functioning of many websites. If you prevent cookies we cannot guarantee that our site will work properly for you. You can prevent accepting cookies by changing the settings on your browser. However by browsing our site we assume you agree to their use.

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