Responsible Gambling

We support and promote a safe and fair environments for selecting games and playing responsibly because we understand the principles of safe, serious and responsible gambling. We are committed to providing information on sites which adhere themselves to the principles of responsible gambling. There are mechanisms to protect and prevent problems with online gambling, and to promote responsible gambling.

It is important to be able to identify if you have a problem with gambling so you can stay in control of the situation and control your spending. We provide information on what to do if you believe your gambling habits, or that of a loved one are cause for concern and help you regain control.

General responsible gambling advice

  • Gambling should always be considered entertainment and fun, and never be considered a source of winning easy money
  • Never bet more than you can afford to spend or lose for that matter. Never spend money that is destined for essential goods such as rent, mortgage, food or bills
  • Never go chasing losses, and even less spend large sums of money to do this. This will result in even bigger losses
  • Keep a detailed log of how much you have spent
  • Set yourself a deposit limit. This is a service that many gaming sites offer so you can never deposit more than a certain amount per week and is a measure to help you play responsibly
  • If you find you have little or no control over your gambling habits then ir would be wise to exclude yourself from this activity for a certain period, or delete your account permanently. responsible gaming providers will help you achieve this if you communicate it to them.

Questions to determine if you have a gambling problem

  • Do you dedicate time to gambling activities when you should be working or studying instead?
  • Do you play to win and cover debts or other financial problems?
  • Do you bet all the money you have at your disposal with little or no moderation or control?
  • Have you ever spent money you didn’t have in over to play (such as borrow, stolen or sold belongings)?
  • Have you put your gambling activities above the needs of your family or loved ones?
  • Do you play to evade any problems, conflicts, frustrations or other negative emotions?

The more questions you gave a positive reply to , the stronger the indication that you may have a gambling problem and need to act upon it.

Help and support

There are various websites and associations that can help you if you have a gambling problem or you think you have cause for concern

You should always remember that bingo is a social game and can provide lots of fun, but making money from it is neither a guarantee nor should it be a priority. It is great to win, but making money from gambling is ill advised and should not be your goal. Bingo should be played for enjoyment, to have fun, win some, lose some…enjoy the moment, that is life. However always stay safe, be responsible, stay in control of the situation and never gamble more than you can afford to spend.