Slots and Casino Sites

There is a plethora of casino and slots sites. Some have been around for many years yet others are like a flash in a pan, here today and gone tomorrow. First of all, those slots sites featured here in UK Bingo Sites are from reputable companies that have been around for some time, although we also bring new slots sites from trusted companies that may be of interest to players. Slots games can seem simple, after all you simply hit aa button and the game plays out for you revealing whether you have a line, several lines, or if you are very lucky, whether you have hit the jackpot! It can take some time and training to know all the different combinations that can bring winnings. These are unique for every game too, and there are times when a single game will have several variations on a theme as separate slots games.

Having said all this, slots games do not require any skill or strategy and is based on pure luck. That is why these games can be so appealing since they don’t require much thought and you can play them casually alongside other games, to give a fully immersive experience. All slots games have different rules but some general features are the paylines which usually include:

  • In a row
  • In a zig-zag pattern
  • In a V shape
  • Diagonally

Many slots games also have wild card symbols which help you create a payline. Scatter symbols are available in some games meaning that they can activate a bonus round or some other special feature.

Jackpot Games

There are some slots games that feature very high jackpots or increasing progressive jackpots. These games are usually connected to other sites which put monies into one pot, so the winner (if they are lucky) can win some very sizeable prizes. Once the win is collected the pot size returns to zero and increases with every second until someone else wins it.

Free Spins on Slots Sites

Free spins are becoming increasingly popular with slots sites as a means of retaining players with regular free spins promotions or as part of a welcome package. Free spins are rarely totally free; meaning that there are usually some strings attached. Frequently, winnings on free spins are capped at a certain (usually rather low) amount, and then subjected to wagering requirements. These wagering requirements tend to be on the high side for slots games, meaning that any bonus funds or winnings made with bonus funds need to be staked a certain number of times. This detail can be found in the terms and conditions of each bonus promotion, and also in our reviews for each offer we feature. Free spins are also usually given specifically for a particular game or number of games.

Another way that slots games give away free spins is as a prize instead of funds, so you can win some free spins that give you extra chances of winning.

Playing slots of the mobile

Nowadays most if not all slots games are available across most devices big or small. All you need is a good internet connection and you can play your favourite games anywhere on the go.

Play slots responsibly

Slots games are amongst the most addictive and can lead to some people trying to chase any money they have lost. There is no skill or strategy to slots, with any patterns generated randomly by a random number generator, therefore if you find yourself trying to do this please stop, think and contact Gamcare.